What Women's Day means to Us

To celebrate international women's day. We got together with a group for incredible women to hangout, have meaningful conversations about what is important to us as women but also and how we could contribute to life and society with our brothers, husbands and male counterparts. For us it's not about celebrating women alone, but how we as women contribute to the world along with men.
This mindset of inclusion is really important to us and is why we organised this event. It's about togetherness, doing life together and helping others along the way. Which is why we collaborated with local women and friends for the event.
The Magano Hangout is about bringing together women who are going through all walks of life, and we wanted to give them something meaningful, that really spoke to each women individually. With the help of a friend, Jihanne (@theletterjih), an incredibly talented illustrator but also mother, wife and soldier of a woman, we were able to make the event a more personalised and meaningful experience. These personalised portraits, illustrated on-the-spot in the park was something really special we were able to gift our attendees.
What's more, we wanted every woman to walk away with something special, something especially for them, that spoke to them on a deeper level. With Jihanne's beautiful calligraphy, each woman received a unique, personalised hand-written letter, a gift to remind them of how amazing they are and how far they've come- something that they were able to go back to whenever they needed reminding.  
The feedback from these women who attended was something very special and rewarding for me, the feeling of being able to be there for them. These women would have mustered the courage to come out to our event, by themselves, not knowing anyone there. I thank you for taking that leap of faith, believing in what the MAGANO tribe stands for, opening up to us and showing up to our Hangout, the first of many. 
You Made it. You are here. You are part of the Tribe. We love you already
Love, Kel xx

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