What do you smell?

Hey everyone,

I thought we could follow up on our affirmations and unpack them further. Today we get to follow up on 2.Today I am going to smell beautiful fragrance around me. For the past few months we have adopted a puppy - Patch and he sleeps indoors, which we discovered that can leave a pet smell in the house. Therefore we got air fresheners and candles to combat our puppy accidents smells etc. The responsibility on our part included the following; burning candles daily, spraying air fresheners, opening doors and windows, airing his sleeping mattress outside, etc.

It is interesting how smells can trigger moments of our past in a twinkle of an eye. This implication it is critical that we somehow prepare our environments' fragrances. Beautiful fragrances do not happen on their own, they are intentionally created. Below are some of my tips so far has been the following;

- Tidy the kitchen, clean the dishes including the pots as soon as you can,

- Empty the bins, especially the green waste bin over night,

- Hang your wet laundry straightaway,

- Open the windows or doors even for a brief moment especially with cold winter days lol.

- Mop and vacuum floors at least weekly.

These simple tips have somehow kept my house smelling beautifully. There have been times when I baked, the smell of home cooked cookies smelled glorious around the home. When we choose to embrace refreshing fragrances and expect them daily we literally trigger beautiful moments in our minds which gives us a positive outlook. Whenever my perspective is positive that day I become very productive and fruitful. Well next time we will unpack third affirmation. We hope that these blogs are helping all of us somehow.

Until next time, Kel xx



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