Hey everyone,

How is your Solitary? For us Victorians, Solitary can feel like an over-rated word, same like zoom parties. Why? because we really long for face to face, catch up even just with one person. The option to choose solitary or not has been taken away from us since this lock-down. This time can feel like a lonely time and place.

However Solitary can be an empowering gift to us. Personally I have had the most incredible times during theses times. The following has taken place;

1. Reflection moments where I have been able to look back and reflect at my life with fresh eyes. This has enabled me to reconsider my ways of doing life and adopt new approaches. My life has been better because of the necessary adjustments.

2. Evaluation moment - to evaluate my experiences and to question their effect. This has encouraged critical thinking on my behalf where unnecessary attachments were questioned and disarmed.

3. Redirection moment - where I felt empowered to change direction of my thought pattern. This has helped me achieve my goals better.

I encourage you to reconsider this forced solitary moments (hopeful to end soon) as an empowering time for what's ahead. As challenging as it may feel at times, I encourage you to embrace it as a necessary time needed to empower us for days to come.

Until next time.

Love, Kel


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