Small business - ways to grow your team

Hey everyone,

Today's blog is about helping small start up business in ways to create room for others to assist them grow their brand. If you are a new small business and you need assistance from others. Know that it is easy to enlist others to help you, however you need to develop the following;

- Be clear with your why...people like to help people who are decisive about the reason and purpose of their business. Make bold decisions and live with the consequences regardless.

- Appreciate people and honour their efforts, irrespectively if they are interns or paid staff. People will always remember how you made them feel regardless of their status.

- Recognise the hard workers and give them more freedom, but direct those that needs guidance and instructions with ease. Be aware that every team member require individualised and unique communication approach from you.

-Think about their rest, families and friends time and honour it. Restful team members are creative contributors.

- Be intentional about creating a fun, respectful and meaningful environment. Remember that everything starts and ends with you, as the head of your brand.

Hope this helps...Please feel free to email us on for any additional questions regarding this topic if you like.

Until next time, Love Kel xx



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