Hi lovelies,

Lockdown has been brutal but it has taught me something profound that being part of a tribe is important.

What is a tribe?  A community of people who share the same values. Creating a tribe, requires your personal intentional and deliberate selection. Not everybody around you qualifies to be a member of your tribe because they may not share the your values. Understanding this is crucial, as everything in a tribe is build around values that influence the behaviour of the tribe.

Do you know why you need your own tribe? Lockdown has shown us the need for connecting with others even in the midst of social distancing and isolation. Real enjoyment and healing takes place in a tribe. There is a sense of safety to be found. Encouragement and correction are also able by a group of people who have your best interest at heart. They will also help you pursue your goals in life as you choose to be accountable to your own tribe.  Above all your tribe can help you make sense of challenging seasons by bringing healthy perspectives as well as injecting laughter when most needed.

Do you know how to build your own tribe?   What we desire and require in our lives, we need to offer to others.  For me I needed a loyal, generous and supportive friends therefore I decided to be loyal, generous and supportive to those around me. People with the values that aligned of mine were attracted to me. Finally I developed a non negotiable value for my tribe. This meant that for you to be part of my tribe, your values need to align with the values that I hold crucial. I don't need to convince or change peoples minds to have my values, our values simple need to align.

Overall my tribe has been a great blessing to me. We have not always seen eye to eye but we have loved each other deeply and championed each other when embarking on new adventures. I am grateful for my tribe.

Love you all xx