What to do when Life is Really Good?

Hey everyone,

One thing about life, it will offer you great moments, where you will feel as if you are in a dream. These exciting moments are to be embraced and enjoyed. There is also a caution in mind, to know that these moments won't last forever but will come back again.

How do we behave during these times?

1. Be grateful and be thankful, remember that there are others who are experiencing the opposite of what you are experiencing. Yes, you are Not responsible for their pain, but you are responsible Not to boast.

2. Be inclusive, remember that someone paid the price for your happiness. Sometimes just because we don't know their sacrifices, it does not mean that we cannot include them. No man is an island - literally means that.

3. Be generous, be intentional about seeding generous deeds, whatever you are able to do so that when the future looks different you can withdraw from what you deposited when you're being in good times. Someone lower today, may be the only person able to help us tomorrow. Life never warns us about these transitions therefore we need to be mindful of them.

We will be remembered on how we treated others when we had the opportunity to pull them up. Therefore, we preserve our reputation so that it can speak for us when we are unable to.

I wish that this year will be filled with great wonders and laughter in every way. Until next time, Kel xx 


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