What do you see?

Hey everyone,

Today let's unpack affirmation 3.Today I am going to see great things. Sight is critical to how we navigate life. Experiencing lockdowns especially for us Melbournians can affect how see our future. Biggest challenge for me is when my days gets minced up together and I have to remind myself everyday "Today is going to be a good day".  

Personally I believe that seeing well can impact how we live. One of the challenging factor about infertility in my personal journey is that for a while my eyes will be telling me that everyone was expecting a baby. It was crazy as everywhere I looked it seemed like that, even though maybe half of the time is was true but in my mind it was as if it was everyone.

I was so desperate for sanity, therefore I started to train my eyes to see other things, such as happy couple without a child, happy individuals, etc. It was important for me to see other aspects of life that I could easily connect with. When I started to do this, it gave me sanity but above all it offered me contentment.

When we recognise that what we already possess is already beautiful and worth having, the idea of wanting something out there becomes unnecessary. My grandmother used to tell me as a young girl "Keletso my daughter, when you look for beauty around you, you will see it". Over time these words had forced me to revisit what is around me objectively and see it with new eyes and see the actual beauty that is within them. 

The reality is, as people sometimes we may see people or things from a negative point of view, therefore discipling ourselves to positively see others and things can be tricky at first. Seeing great things is possible, we can see great things, even sometimes in the midst of challenging seasons including repetitive lockdowns. I may not fully understand what you are going through and how tough it is/has been but I will love to encourage you that even in the midst of it all, there is beauty around. 

Appreciate everyone of you, Kel xxx

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