What are you reading?

Hey everyone,

Who remembers their primary school reader list? Lol tried to remember it but can't:) All I can say that I remember asking my teacher to reread the books again and again. These books brought me such great joy, which still brings smile to my heart years later. This got me thinking about few books that really changed my life. The thing about these books highlighted issues I was facing ta the time, which helped me navigate that season well. The crazy thing about reading is that acquired information through reading cannot be taken away from you. This useful information can be assessed whenever it is needed, however it need to be acquired.

I love how reading in this era has evolved  from only hard paper such as books and newspapers to various digital methods such as ebooks, blogs, podcasts, just to mention a few. The beauty about technology nowadays is that we can listen to ebooks whilst travelling, exercising, walking your pet etc. What genre books do you like to read? Maybe this forced time away at home can be useful for smashing that unfinished books with bookmarkers lol?  Let's commit to reading as part of our personal development. Our coming days will be better because of today's personal investment  We can do it...let's goooooo!!!

Until next time, Kel xx

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