What are you listening to?

Hey everyone,

Today I thought we could skip affirmation 4 for a bit and unpack affirmation 5. Today I am going to hear good news. As we are all in a season of pandemic where we are hearing not so good news at every side. There has been a time where personally I decided that I did not want to hear covid19 cases stats on tv. I was intentionally taking care of my mental health as I felt somehow overwhelmed with rise of the cases. From that moment I decided to focus on good news, which at times they looked like today I went for a walk  and soak in some sun.

Reality is whenever we are facing not so good news, there is nothing we can do to change the news however we can change our perspective. Over our tccing years, which has been many years lol, visiting a specialist was a mission. I had to peptalk myself in such a way that walking in the specialist office I could tell from their body language what the prognosis was going to be before any word was spoken. Few times I bawled my eyes but many times I imagined them telling me the opposite which will be good news for me. None of them had not being able to tell me the good news, however I have challenged myself to pursue a hopeful posture regardless.

I can only imagine how some of you may be asking yourself when will you be out again, flying to see family overseas and overall life back to normal again. I have no answers to when this tricky season will be over where some of us it has stripped away our loved ones, etc. All I can say let's be hopeful in the midst of it and choose to hear good news through our hopeful ears, that very soon things will be better than what they are now.

Until next time, Kel xx


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