Vax or Not Vax

Hi everyone,

Today I thought we could endeavor a pink elephant in the room discussion... covid19 vaccination. Let me be clear from the outset that this blog is Not about telling anyone to vaccinate or not to vaccinate. This blog is actually about how we go about it all.

I have witnessed aggressive approach both against and for vaccination that has made  question my value of those around me. I am ashamed to highlight that I used to be strong headed about how everyone needed to vaccinate so that I can travel overseas to see my family. This approach on my behalf was selfish and not considerate of others. Recently upon talking to a friend who was passionate about Not vaccinating, I decided during our conversation that I value our friendship greatly that I will not impose and inject my views to her about my reasons for vaccinating.

The challenge nowadays is, too many friendships and partnerships are being destroyed by this pink elephant debate. I hope that our friendships and partnerships will be strengthen during this season. When it is all over and done, we will still be doing life together, with strength, love and support. We will place priority on our partnerships and friendships more that enforcing our opinions on each other disrespectfully. I hope that we will understand the value of others before our opinions. Our considerations for those we love deeply will cause us to enter this debate with care and respect.

Whatever you decide to do, you are loved and valued at Magano The label.

Until next time, stay safe, Kel xx

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