In light of what is going on globally...we have been All given an opportunity to show empathy to others in a way that is not judgemental but truly accepting. As an African Australian woman I have had to reflect on my attitude and prejudice towards first people in Australia.

I have lived half of my life, actually all of my adult life in Australia. I have never really taken time to learn and know first people culture and background in depth. 

I have decided to rectify this, by doing the following;

- getting to know my first people neighbours well (already the kids call me auntie),

- attend their marches , went to #blacklivesmatter march...ohmygooodness I discovered so much I had no idea about our first nations history,

- do my own research, get few books from the library on Australian black history,

- network and connect with first nations organisations, 

- lastly collaborate and advocate with them.

I believe that we are All awake to what our world has been. We cannot do business as usual as our children's future demands us to respond accordingly. The only acceptable response will be to consider that our previous dealings with others had not been inclusive. Therefore we need to consider inclusive practices that truly engages and invites black people's participation.

I commit myself to be more accepting and celebrating of others. I hope that you are able to join me in this quest of true inclusion of others. Until next time.


Love, Kel xx

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