There is a silver-lining in this season aka Lockdown 5.0

Hi everyone,

As we are embarking on the end (or not) of our  5.0 Lockdown here in Melbourne, I thought this week we might unpack affirmations as discussed in the last blog.

We will start with the first affirmation - 1. Today I am going to experience tangible great things regardless how dim my circumstances  can be. This can be tricky to pursue when your life is turned upside down by a sudden lockdown. Last weekend we had so many plans planned and we were forced to postpone. In the midst of the mixed feelings it can be tricky to expect great things, tangible things for that matter to happen.

The intention of expectation of great things during this season requires some level of discipline and restraint of expecting beautiful to take place around you. It means waking up everyday regardless of the day, and looking out for great things to take place. Seeing the silver lining in all things irrespectively of how small or big the incident it may be. It's amazing when this posture of expectation is taken great things will seem to emerge around you even with small things. You will experience the kindness of others because you look out for it. In the past few weeks I have experienced great things, which has been such a blessing, but I know that there is More to come. It is incredible what can happen when our perspective of our surroundings and those around us is for great things to come, then great things unfold in ways we never expected or imagine. Therefore let's take on new view of our day for today great things awaits for us.

Until next time, Kel xx

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