Powerful connections

Hey everyone,

I once heard a wise mentor said to me, I can tell you what kind of a person you will become from spending time with your friends for as little as 15minutes. To be honest I remember thinking how crazy that is, surely that can't be true. Recently I discovered that it was the same with couples, they can be predicted in just fifteen minutes if they will last or not, according to psychologist.... 

This idea really brings home the power that exists in connections. It got me thinking more and more about connections that I am currently surrounded with.

1. Do they challenge me to win in my life? It is so powerful to have friends who can bring the gold in you. Above all see you as a winner before you do, yourself.  When we recognise their nudging and challenge as a positive thing, we will benefit from them.

2. Do they encourage me? Friends that whenever you catch up with them when you have a bad day aka unsure day, they can encourage you out of the rut. When you leave you feel empowered and strengthened to try again. 

3. Do they correct me when I need it the most? There is something Special about friends who love you enough to look you in your eye and correct you when you are wrong. These friends are the most valuable and trusted people we are all need to excel in our lives.

4. Do they advocate for me? These friends always look for ways to advance your career or whatever adventure you're pursuing. They know how to connect you to meaningful people who can advance your career or life development. They are simply glad to serve you in this area with minimal expectation of reward in return. 

Next time we might unpack ways to be a safe friend to others.

Until next time, Kelxx

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