The Art of inspiration during the pandemic season

Hi everyone,

Lately I have been thinking about what must I do to stay inspired during this pandemic. This has been motivated from seeing how quickly our Victorians covaid19 cases have been increasing, which has made me feel a little uneasy. Hoping and believing for Christmas to be spent in freedom lol.

Few weeks ago my galfriends (Lily and Kay) and I had a Instagram-live - A sip of Inspiration conversation - which can be viewed on maganothelabel instagram highlights, where we unpacked both challenges and opportunities that we have discovered in this season. The reality is when all of this is over, which is going to be eventually, we will be changed somehow. The beauty in this, we get to choose what will change and mould us. Being in lockdown at home can be tricky to see any good thing out of it, however when we choose a positive perspective we can some good in it. I will like to say this goodness can be referred to as a gratitude stance. This has taken my mind away from worrying a lot as well as kept me hopeful for days ahead.

5 Things that I am currently grateful for;

1.Uninterrupted meditation time, and reconnect with my purpose.

2. Spending lots of alone time with hubby and enjoy his company.

3.  Time to dream again on ways to grow my brand with minimal interruptions.

4. Walks with the puppy aka Patch and up my vitamin D and fresh air.

5. Cooking most days and gain more confidence in my cooking skills.


I will not minimise how challenging this season has been to all of us. I am asking us to try our best Not to allow the challenges of this season regardless how tricky it is to dictate to us how we perceive life. Let us hold on to our joy which is more than a smile. Above it let us hold on to hope for everything will not be doomed forever, for beautiful and greater days are ahead of us. Let us choose to look up.

Until next time, Kel xx

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