Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn

Hi everyone,

The beautiful side of the lock-down for me so far has been the opportunity to sit down and take stock. I have had the opportunity to view my life with new eyes. I have been able to recognise the growth that has taken place in my life so far. The mistakes that I have grown from. The opportunities that I have missed, lost and won.

I have been fortunate to be in the midst of studies at the moment, as my time has been consumed by research and studies. I have discovered that if I am willing to focus, I can literally learn new things...yes this past fortnight has been filled with learning of new ideas, new concepts and new words. I have been going to bed  with a stretched mind. It has come with loads of tears, off course. I hope to reward myself after each assessment submission this time around:)

The idea of winning can be daunting as no one really wins all the times. In addition it is not necessarily healthy to win all the time either. Having a winning mindset is helpful though, as it challenges us to view failures as opportunities for learning.

What have you felt like you have failures in and it has bothered you for a while? I encourage you today to see that failure as an opportunity to learn instead. We really never graduate from learning, if we are committed to growing. Let us learn together, there are adventures everyday taking place in our world, waiting for us to learn from.

Until Next time,

Kel xx

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