Hey everyone,

Have you ever received an unexpected gift? whether it was small or bigger than expected before? Do you remember how you felt in that moment? 

I have discovered that there are people who feel loved through receiving a thoughtful gift, regardless of it's size (aka me). On the other hand there are people who don't value presents as much (like my hubby).  According to  Gary Chapman there are five language;

1. Receiving gifts - thoughtful gift

2. Quality time -undivided attention

3. Physical touch - appropriate touches

4. Acts of service - something willing done for you

5. Words of affirmation -  encouraging and affectionate words.

This time of the year is a beautiful time but it can be made stressful when we place focus on giving the wrong things. How about this year we try our best to find out what is really meaningful to those we love and give them that instead. This could be fun and worth the effort than having them asking for receipt to exchange your gift that you spent tons of hours hunting lol. I might be making vouchers for acts of service for those in my world that loves things to be done for them. I know for a fact my hubby is going to be over the moon.

Come and join me in mixing things up this year and giving meaningful gifts to others, gifts that makes them feel loved and valued. All the best everyone!!!

Happy Gifting, Kel xx


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