New way of living - post lockdown adventures

Hey everyone,

How good is it to be out and about? Things I used to take for granted I appreciate them so much. I dreamt of this day for so long that I am pinching myself just to make sure that I am not dreaming lol. One thing I used to take for granted was going out for a coffee before lockdown. Now I am like asking my galpals everywhere, "who's coming for a coffee catch-up?" and they are all laughing at me for they know that before lockdown this was not my norm lol.

During lockdown we were gifted a  3months puppy, he just turned 8months, and I prepared him for the following;

- being left alone as attend to errands and meetings in person

- guests coming over for meals or hangout,

- healthy interactions without being over excited.

I also prepared myself by religiously doing the following;

-  getting out of gowns and tights everyday especially on days I was home all day,

- kept the house cleaned as if guests were coming over,

- structured most of my days with rest in it, this was important as I found myself overworked especially during lockdown lol. 

I hope and pray that these lockdowns especially for us Melbournians are over and dusted. We are entering in days with freedom to explore our land especially our state without any further restrictions. I for one I will love to go on a holidays even if it's a weekend away...I hope that I am not the only one:):)

Until next time, Love Kel xx



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