Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day gals!!!

Today we will love to wish you mamas, godmamas, grandmamas, aunties, sisters and Every gal out there a fabulous day!! For many years I found this day challenging to navigate due to infertility. It is amazing how time can bring some form of living beyond anything over time.

I have been blessed with incredible hubby, family and friends who have relentlessly made this day amazing every year. Today as an encouraged gal who has found her feet on this day, I wanna say to any gal finding today tricky to navigate for any reason, the following are my tips;

1) You are not Alone! ...there are other gals grieving this day so you are among friends.

2) You are Worth celebrating! ...Just because.

3)  You are More than a physical mama! ....being a godmother, great auntie and spiritual mama makes you qualify too.

Have a great day lovely one!

Love you, Kel xx

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