Living Intentionally

Hi Everyone,
One of the best thing for me that has come out of 2020 for me has been living my life intentionally.
This has required me to be present in everyday moments.
Every day I remind myself the following;
1. Today I am going to experience tangible great things regardless how dim my circumstances  can be. This helps me a lot especially  when things go pear-shaped to always  possess healthy perspective. It can be tricky to develop this posture without some discipline.
2. Today I am going to smell beautiful  fragrance around me. This has encouraged my cleaning lol. Funny how a scented candle can perfume a room, I love the smell too.
3.Today I am going to see great things. This  inspires my focus and vision to see wonder in the small and deemed insignificant  things. Most of the times I find myself dreaming again and again from this attitude.
4. Today I am going to taste great food...sorry I love food but above all I love food that creates symphony in my mouth. I used to taste food according to how they look but nowadays I have grown to know that looks can be deceitful. I refuse to miss out on great feed because I deemed it awful just because  it didn't  look like a 3hat dish.
5. Today I am going to hear good news. One of my  love language  is words of affirmation, there fore when I am verbally encouraged  I feel energised to do more. Above I believe that listening to the right sound can steer your to the right course of your life. I have decided to surround myself with encouraging voices who affirms  me but  also love me enough correct me. 
In the next few weeks we will unpack each affirmation  in detail. Looking forward to hearing your feedback and opinions on these topics.
Until next time, Kel xx

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