Life after Iso

Life after iso aka isolation - what has changed, how amazing that the restrictions have been eased. We have definitely somehow flattened the curve as expected by our government leaders. There is an opportunity for us to physically connect with each other even though we still need to be mindful of social distancing restrictions. What has been the best thing for me to do since easing of restrictions has been seeing my gym buddies at the park and also getting my hair done at the hair salon. I actually never thought that I would have missed them there way I did, although I was seeing them almost everyday on zoom.

What life in iso has really impressed in my heart, is to deeply value and love my family and friends. I am determined to do life different by doing three things well; 1) forgiving others quickly, 2) embracing the now, 3) and being grateful for what I have.

I believe that we all have a lot to be thankful for...we will chat some more on this in the coming weeks. I encourage you to grab a coffee with a friend (one or few) and catch up, and be intentional about making moments with family. We smashed iso, geez we made it. Congratulations to us!!! See you next time.

                                     Love, Kel xx

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