International Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month

Hey everyone,

Today I wanna talk about something that is very close to my heart. Few years ago we had a miscarriage, coming out was hard as most people around me did not believe me because I did not grieve the way they expected. Reality is I was in shock and I didn't believe it myself, I thought it was a bad dream for a very long time. I blamed myself and felt that I failed my body etc. Oh how I cried when the realisation sunk in, I am so grateful for few galfriends who understood my loss.

 Today I speak encouragement to the following gals;

To  Any gal that has had miscarriage regardless how early or late it happened, your pain matters.

To the gal that kept the grieve to themselves for whatever reason, your pain is valid.

To the gal that felt so ashamed to even tell her family about her loss, your loss is important and seen.

I hope that we can support other gals regardless of how their loss looks like. We can uphold each other's hand because those we love are in pain. Let's do this lovelies together...for we are a tribe, we cry together for we are in this together. 

Until next time, love Kel xx

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