Incredible women share their stories


We’ve been super busy, squirrelled away working on something *really* flipping special...
The #themaganotribe gathered yesterday. We had so much fun. The shame was removed, we found each other.
I am incredibly thankful for the help from new and old friends.

Kelly, Chrissy, Brenda and Cara thanks for sharing your heartfelt stories. Your incredible bravery is going to bring freedom to so many who are quietly living in shame. 
 A few weeks ago we gave a shout out looking for women who wanted to join a movement for our clothing label. Well this here, is the magic that unfolded... 5 INCREDIBLE women. Coming together for the afternoon. Sharing in a way that was so vulnerable and raw, opening their hearts to each other and themselves. We walked away feeling blissfully fulfilled, helping to share these stories that are so deserving and valid, to give women a voice of confidence, to feel good about themselves. To acknowledge the struggles these women have been facing, quietly, to open the lid and let it all out, to let them know they aren’t alone. Together they showed up, brave, courageous, inspiring as all hell.
☀️ The feels have been truly overwhelming. We are so so proud, of each and everyone of one these beautiful badass women. You ladies are absolute rock stars and we couldn’t be more grateful for letting us in.
☀️ Kel is our founder and all she wanted was to empower others to shed the shame from their own story... her own struggles gave her the motivation to create a dress that gives you dignity, that you feel beautiful in as well as so comfortable you never want to take it off! We hope to have sparked more conversations and more confidence.
☀️ For all the women who showed up on Sunday for us, and all the other women out there resonating, we are going to give it everything we have. .
We're here for you and you’re part of #themaganotribe now.
☀️ #watchthisspace

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