How's your tastebuds?

Hey everyone,

Do you remember the first time you tasted your yummiest meal? Do you remember the feelings it evoked on you? Do you think you could reinvent it? 

Fourth affirmation it's my favourite because I am a lover of food, 4. Today I am going to taste great food. I love to explore foods, different cultural foods. There are few foods so far I have tried several times and I cannot swallow them (I won't mention them, to kill your appetite lol). The problem for me was if the food looked not appetising, I won't even try them. A great friend of mine once said to me "Kel don't let your eyes to talk you out of a great feed", FOMO hit me soooo hard and I was like am not going to miss out anymore.

The beauty of taste is that is so welcoming that it offers all of us to engage and contribute. During lockdown so many of us embarked on cooking and some of us even revisited our families' heritage recipes. When I cooked my grandmother's stew, with my aunt's assistance over the phone, geez it brought so much memories of what happened the first time I tasted it.

Let us keep tasting new things, foods, new experiences etc. Reality is trying new tastes can be tricky. Is like opting to order a new dish at your fave restaurant and hoping that it will be tasty like you usual meal. Due to my adventurous side I have had my fair share of regretful orders but so many first time yummy orders, which has kept me me exploring new taste. Therefore my tastebuds capacity has been enlarged as they can cope with variety of taste. Don't limit your tastebuds there is always new taste to try. One thing that MasterChef series has proven to us all is that new taste of foods are possible. Let us get tasting.

Until next time, Kel xx



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