Holidays -Part Two

Hi everyone,

I remember one year we went on a holiday with some friends who will remain unnamed. We both assumed that we were in the same understanding how we will be spending our time together. Ohmygoodness I was so wrong, as we spend 90% of our holidays doing what our friends wanted. We were exhausted from running around as we are chill kinda holidays people, who sleeps in till noon and play it by ear type, with no planned schedule ahead. It really ruined our relationship as my lack of sleep and rest made me express myself untactful.

Since that time I have learnt the following that holidays are too precious to spend with people you are not in the same wavelength with.

1. We only go out for holidays with people that share the same holidays philosophies as us. 

2. We protect our time, therefore we stipulate what we can do together what  we prefer doing on our own.

3. We communicate a lot, clarify any miscommunications and confusions.

4. Above all we go with people who don't take themselves serious, and know how to Laugh at themselves, laugh at our jokes and fun to be around.

My encouragement is find people that you get along with, and make you feel good and then go on holidays with. I believe that your time away will be rich and filled with greatest memories.

Have fun holidaying...

Until next time, Kel xx


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