Holidays -Part One

Hey everyone,

Who is ready for the holidays?? Even though we have been on lockdown, some of us isolating at home, geez I have been waiting expectantly for holidays. Reality is some of us have been working madly at home, therefore a holidays spent away from home will be a treat.

My  puppy few weeks ago ate my passport and now I need to replace it... Ok I better tell the whole story right? I left it on the couch for a brief moment as I was completing an official document and my puppy seized an opportunity. By the way since then he is no longer chewing papers of any kind, I guessed he picked up on my disappointment.

Okay my holidays this year will be local as you might have figured out. But I am planning to make them memorable, exciting and fun. Do you enjoy your holiday traditions? camping, visiting family, etc or you like mixing things up? Whatever you decide to do, I pray that you have restful, fun and memorable holidays with your loved ones. You will come out strong and ready to take 2022 to the next level.

Thank you all for reading my blogs and support our brand.

Forever grateful...until next time, Kel xx



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