Hi everyone,

Did anyone find it tricky at times to keep up with friendships during lockdown? I have to admit it was tricky at times, as I forgot to respond to texts in a timely manner, and returning missed calls was a hussle at time. To be honest it had nothing to do with person on the other side of the text or phone call, it was all me.

Lockdowns seem to demand energy in some areas I never thought it would have. I hated speaking about infertility to my friends, even though it tried to consume my emotions. I worked very hard to manage my emotions and that meant being disciplined at being on my own and feeling my disappointments and analysing them well with minimal interruptions from others. This process made it tricky at times to explain myself to friends. I found my conversations being on the surface and me lending more of my attention and support to others than focusing on me.

In the midst of it all I remember a friend of mine, that we don't talk much call me and asked me "Kel how are you?" it was as if she was saying to me, "I see you, you matter" Geez I love these kinds of friends, who are very sensitive. I know all of us we have one of those mother friends, who knows the right time to check on us. 

Personally, I believe that friendships exist for two reasons, for us to receive from them as well as to contribute to them. When this balance is tricky to navigate friendships can find themselves in muddy waters. Few questions I normally ask myself with my close friends are. 

- Am I a good friend, contributing to this friendship?

- Am I meaningfully receiving from this friendship?

If ever I am having trouble answering these two questions confidently then I know there are some necessary adjustments to be made. I hope this helps you to navigate friendships.

Until next time, Kel xx

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