Fibroids Awareness Month

Hey everyone,

As a gal who have suffered with uterine fibroids, I wanted to share my experience with this sickness as it's Fibroids Awareness Month. Firstly I will like to briefly unpack what are fibroids. According to the fibroids are grapefruit sized mass myomas that are non-cancerous however painful during menstrual cycle. About 20 to 80 percentage of women will suffer with fibroids during their child bearing age and will shrink during menopause. They are mainly common in black women compared to other races. In addition they have been linked with interference with women's fertility. They are various types of fibroids that can affect different parts of the body, which can be further checked at the Healthline website.

My personal experience with these monsters aka fibroids have been navigating excruciating pain during my period cycle, which ended after several operations. I remember the first time I experience pain free period, it felt like I was in a dream. They made me looked pregnant without a baby lol - would have been a millionaire for the times I was congratulated for being pregnant:):) This was my real reason for starting my brand - story to tell for another time. Lastly unfortunately fibroids affected my fertility, but I am still believing for a miracle. 

At Maganothetribe if you are struggling with fibroids we will love for you to know the following;

1) you are not alone

2) refuse to suffer in silence 

3) remember the is help - GP, fibroids verified websites, library etc

4) community to support you, like us and other bossgals out there

5) fibroids cannot define you, for you are beautiful just the way you are.


Until next time,

Love Kel xx

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