Creating family away from home

Hey everyone,

Is it interesting how easy it is at times to create family away from family? As community people, always enjoying each other's company's, it can be tricky to navigate these relationships at times. Over the years I have recognise the critical role these families plays in our lives.

Being an aunty to so many wonderful nieces and nephews has really enriched my life and allow me to recognise that I was needed. This is important for families without kids, single people,  to find families to call their own family even if it can be for a season. They make holidays time sacred and special as you look forward to spending those times with them. There is no reason for any of us to be isolated especially after what lockdowns have already ditched out to us. It's time to reconnect and find community and create family away from home. 

Who can you connect with and create community and family with in this season?Who can you contribute in their lives as your family?

Overall creating family away from home can be tricky and challenging at times, but it is so rewarding. I encourage you to give it a go, it is worth everything.

Until next time, Kel xx

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