Christmas...the giving season

Hey everyone,

As a Christian, this part of the year is important part of our calendar. We celebrate the day in the morning in church and then we spend the day with families afterwards. This has been our celebration of the day for a long as I can remember as a young girl. 

I recall one Christmas, one year, when I was missing my family, feeling so lonely a family invited us to spend the day with them. What a memorable day it was, that Christmas is still one of my top five  best Christmas day ever. From that moment I was inspired to do the same for other families, and include them around my Christmas table.

Nowadays because we are so far away from our blood relatives, we have started new traditions. We always invite a family with no immediate family members around, and we spend the day with them. Our day is always filled with laughter, fun, food and sometimes singing and dancing. Our cameraguy aka hubby could be spotted in the corner of the room capturing moments discreetly. We recognise that every detail planned for the day is critical in making the day meaningful and  memorable.

We encourage you however you choose to spend this day, we hope that it is memorable, fun and meaningful, Merry Christmas!!!

Until next time, Kel xx

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