Be bold for change

Hi everyone,

What an incredible time to choose boldness for change. Change is a tricky thing hey...but change is necessary for our growth, for our next Big thing. These changes can be either small or big. We need to consider the following change strengtheners to maintain change in our lives;

1. Accountability - having others to remind us what our goals are. Above all others can check on us when we need during this season.

2. Buddies - those who are embarking on change themselves so that we could encourage and champion each other. This is critical for community so that this journey will not be lonely.

3. Consistency - creating routines and habits of these changes on a regular basis. Over time this can happen as a second nature.

Our bold stance does the following,
- empowering to those looking in, both young and matured,
- inspiring to those thinking about change themselves and
- creates new future possibilities that can only be achieved in this posture.

I have made massive changes recently in my daily schedule. It came with some sacrifices. It has been tricky but I am glad I was bold to change.

Let's be Bold for change today!!!

Until next time.

Kel xx

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